I got to thinking about optimism. How am I going to be an optimist about this? How can I look for the silver lining? I don’t see it; I don’t expect to see it. And what if I can’t ever see clearly again? What am I going to do? It will change my life. And I don’t need that. I can’t handle it. I’ve been here before. I won’t go down that road again. How am I going to be an optimist about this?

The stories to remember

I got to thinking about stories. Some stories stay with us for days. Some stories stay with us for years. But the most important stories stay with us forever. These are the stories we find inspiring, heartwarming, breathtaking. These are the stories that ease comfort into our hearts’, no matter what the day. Most of all, these are the stories that we live out, knowing that they will later cling to our souls with a sense of knowledge and love. And that’s the most important story of all. That’s what we’re supposed to remember.

It’s a Disney world to me

I got to thinking about Disney. Disney films portray life as poetic and magical. Unfortunately, life isn’t like Disney fairy tales. Life isn’t easy. Why can’t we live a life like those characters we love in Disney films? Why can’t we get our Prince Charming? Why can’t we achieve all of our dreams? I think that we can. In time. We first have to believe in our dreams. Then we can wish upon a star and go after those dreams. Believe that you can do something, and you can.