Stand up for what you believe in

I got to thinking about standing up for yourself. For what you believe in. How do you make the choice? Is it from your heart? Your head? Maybe the choice you make isn’t the most favorable to the common person, but it’s what you feel is right. And that’s all you have. Your gut. Your heart. Your beliefs. Your beliefs aren’t wrong. You have to make the choice that makes the most sense to you. And sometimes, others just won’t understand. But if you feel, with all your being, that what you’re doing is correct, then that’s enough. Follow your heart. Stand up for what you believe in…. and never regret it.

You Cannot Pretend That Nothing Happened

I got to thinking about pretending. You cannot pretend that nothing happened. You cannot just try to be my friend again after everything that you did. It doesn’t work like that. Maybe I should open my heart and forgive. Maybe I should grow up and be the bigger person. But why? I have no intention of being friends again. And it’s a shame. It’s heartbreaking. I didn’t want it to be this way. We were so close, and I miss you, but I won’t be treated the way you treated me. ¬†And that’s the end of it. It breaks my heart, but I’m moving on. I’m not ready to make nice; I wonder if I’ll ever be.



I got to thinking about flaws. We all go through those days picking apart ourselves: our bodies are too fat, too short; our ears are too big; our arms are too long; we aren’t social enough; we have ugly, frizzy hair. And sometimes, there are things we can work on daily, to be our best selves. But we shouldn’t go through an entire day picking apart everything. That’s when we get into the danger zone of hate. And you should never, under any circumstance, hate who you are. What’s the point of life then?

I’m as guilty as the rest of you. So today, I’ll accept myself, flaws and all, and move on. But I will also work hard to be my best self. And I hope you can, too.