Fork in the Road

I got to thinking about decisions. Deciding between two things. You know the expression: “fork in the road.” How do you decide what’s right? How do you decide which path to take? And why must there be so many paths in life? (I guess this is a positive thing. I should be thankful and counting my blessings. But it’s also overwhelming and I will not discount that for one moment. It is okay to be thankful and overwhelmed all at once.)

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I am overthinking things. I am at the fork in the road. I have to make a decision–and quickly–that will and can change my life. It will most likely improve my life, if I decide one thing. But what if the other thing, that I’ve romanticized for decades, is the right choice? I just don’t know.

How do you make life-changing decisions? Do you? And do you have regrets? Do you worry that life will sneak up behind you and not tell you? Do you have anxiety over your decisions? I feel as if my life is a constant swing from anxiety to anxiety.

But maybe, just maybe, I have to take a leap of faith. Go to the fork that I’m afraid of. Maybe.