Is Marriage Everything?

I got to thinking about marriage. Is marriage everything? Is your relationship not real if you’re not married? Is it any less loving, important or special without marriage? Sure, in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter. But I am not talking about the law; I am talking about public perception.

Recently I noticed that marriage seems to be more important to those around me than a committed, long-term relationship. It’s not even a level playing field. But why is this? Why can having a child out of wedlock be the norm these days, but God forbid, if you don’t get married (without children), you’re suddenly a barbarian? This thinking confuses and slightly angers me. I do not love my longtime boyfriend any less just because we aren’t married. We aren’t any less committed. So, please, stop saying that we are not. And stop forgoing any inclusion of “family” for us. This is real. This matters. Please acknowledge that.

Marriage isn’t everything. Relationships and love are everything.