Where to find a character

I got to thinking about character inspiration. Writers get inspiration from everything… and everyone. Writing from what you know and notice is simply the most honest and real expression there is, and that translates into better writing. Most of my central characters have been based on those I’ve known in my life, friendly or otherwise. A good writer would never reveal who’s who, but let me tell you this: if you’ve been in my life, chances are high you’re one of my characters. Don’t think you’re not. And if you’ve ever caused me pain, chances are you’ve been pieces of several characters. Like I’ve said before, writers use storytelling as a creative outlet to get out any angst and hurt and sorrow. My advice? Don’t make a writer angry. That is, unless you want to be an antagonist.

Creative Outlets

I got to thinking about creative outlets. All creative types, me included, need an outlet for their pain and sadness and strife. Creative people can take all the difficult things in their lives’ and make it into something wonderful that is cathartic and uplifting and honest. For me, that outlet is writing. My horoscope (yes, I read my horoscope) told me today to get all that pain and sadness I have been feeling lately out into a creative realm. So I was thinking about how lucky I am to have that. Everyone is down occasionally, or maybe more than occasionally, and we all deal with it in different ways. I love that I can bring my sadness into my writing and deal with it positively. Writing is therapy, and it makes me feel a million times better. Every single time.


I got to thinking about changing. People change. All the time. Third Eye Blind, in “Never let you go” put it rather eloquently: “You say that I’ve changed; well maybe I did. But even if I changed, what’s wrong with it?” Sometimes we are forced to change because of circumstances. Sometimes we merely grow up and find ourselves. And sometimes we realize that who we once were won’t survive the grueling adult world. And you know what? All of those are okay. Changing doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Change is simply a natural part of growing up. After all, you wouldn’t want to be who you were as a teenager forever, would you?


I got to thinking about temptation. In a theology class I’m taking this semester, we have been discussing the temptation that Adam and Eve experienced when the serpent offered them the forbidden fruit. I know that temptation is, for lack of a better word, tempting. There is something intriguing about it. But I have also come to understand that temptation is not usually worth the repercussions. Everyone can relate to being tempted into something dishonorable or shady in our lives. But it is those who find themselves unfazed by temptation that make it the furthest in life. Temptation won’t necessarily give us what we want; temptation might even ruin our lives. And that is something to remember the next time we’re tempted.


I got to thinking about relationships. Someone once told me: “A relationship doesn’t have to be perfect, but a love can be.” And I find this to be accurate. If a relationship was always roses and butterflies, it wouldn’t be real. Nothing is perfect. We aren’t perfect. And that is okay. No one asked us to be. So we must carry that notion forth into our relationships. The love we have for a significant other can be amazing and unequivocal and splendid. We should always fight for these kinds of relationships. This special kind of love cannot be altered. We may find ourselves in predicaments throughout our relationships, but if we can keep that special love in the back of our minds, everything will be okay.

Soul mates

I got to thinking about soul mates. Can a person have more than one soul mate? Or do we have just one person perfectly right for us? Most romantics would say that one soul mate is the only thing plausible. And I would agree with that. I don’t necessarily believe only one person is right for us; I think that there are several people in the world who we could grow old with and find happiness.


But my belief also says that there is one perfect person. There are several “right” people, but one perfect person. And this person is our soul mate. And we don’t always meet our soul mate. Some of us will marry those who are excellent partners, never knowing that our soul mate is still out there. And that is perfectly fine. My advice to all those romantics out there: search for your soul mate, and if you never find that person, know that the one you’re with can be equally as good, but you must have faith. Faith will become reality.

September 11th

I got to thinking about September 11, 2001. You know the day. You remember exactly what you were doing that fateful day. And it’ll never leave your mind. I was almost eleven-years-old that day, getting ready for school. My mom had heard something on the radio, so she turned on the television. And that’s when my brother and I ran into the room to watch those two planes hit the World Trade Center. I will never forget that day. It changed the United States forever. I would argue that it brought us together, just for a moment, in patriotism. Hopefully, from this day forward, we may find our patriotism without strife. To all those who lost a loved one that day, I am thinking of you. May you get through today with grace and remembrance.


I got to thinking about piracy. I have to rant about something I feel so strongly about. This practice bothers me. Greatly. Every time someone steals a movie or television show from online, writers lose money. And writers are the reason these movies and shows are created! Ripping them off is unkind and unfair. Why would you rip off the people behind the magical essence of these shows? I urge everyone who currently commits this crime (yes, it is illegal) to cease its practice. You wouldn’t steal software a Boeing programmer creates, would you? So don’t steal these creations from amazing writers across the world. Give these masterminds their credit. They whole-heartedly deserve it. Trust me.

Beauty of the World

I got to thinking about the beauty of the world. Just look around you. This world is beautiful. Ever drive through Big Sur on California Highway 1? You’ll understand why I say this. But besides that, this world is magical. From human creations like the pyramids in Egypt to natural world wonders like the ocean, this world has so much to offer, so much to see. If I were given the time and money, I would certainly travel all over the world to see every beautiful sight written down in every guidebook. Wouldn’t you? To truly understand life, one must understand the world they live in. With that comes appreciation. And shouldn’t we appreciate this wonderful world?

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I got to thinking about Twitter. I recently started a Twitter: @carolineadejong. Since Twitter emerged onto the scene, I never found its appeal. Was it for celebrities? Was it for regular people like myself? Or both? Both, I’ve found is the answer to those questions. With this new Twitter account, I’ve decided to update my blog linking both together. This won’t be an immediate thing, of course; technology hasn’t always been my friend. But I will try! I want to get acquainted with the world of Twitter; I want technology to be my friend. So please follow my Twitter! With your follows, maybe I won’t be so technology inept. That is the goal. That is all.