Take the long way

I got to thinking about taking the long way. I’ve never really been conventional. I’ve never really wanted what my peers around me have wanted. The easy way has almost been non-existent in my life. I take my time and figure out what is best for me. Slowly and carefully. And I’ve made my peace with that. I never seem to do it like everybody else. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be like anybody else. I can take the long way. It may not be the conventional way, or the way those around me expect, but it’s my way. It’s the way that makes me happy; it’s the way that I’ll accomplish all of my dreams. I just know it. Have a little faith in me. I will get there. In due time…. taking the long way.

Not ready to make nice

I got to thinking about this. I am not ready to make nice, in the oh-so eloquent words of the Dixie Chicks. Sometimes we can’t make up. Sometimes we can’t forgive. We might try to forget, but that might be the end of it. But the most powerful thing we can do is move on. If we aren’t willing to forgive, we have to forget. We don’t have to be nice; we have to be courteous and poised. But we certainly don’t have to let our hearts go anywhere our heads are telling us to run from. We don’t always have to make nice. But also, don’t be “mad as hell” forever.

Don’t push away the dream

I got to thinking about pushing away dreams. Most of us do this; we seek the easier, safer route. We let go of our dreams because people tell us we can’t make it into a future. And we listen. We fall into a hole of doubt because those people have our best interests at heart. Right? Absolutely not. We control our future. We shouldn’t listen to anything but our own hearts. If we don’t follow our dreams, we will be left with regret. No one else will have these regrets. No one else will hate their jobs as much as we do. We must take a chance, even if everyone else is telling us no. Don’t push away the dream. Always follow your heart. If you’re destined for greatness, you will reach it.


I got to thinking about suffocating. There are days I feel like life is swallowing me whole; there are days where I feel carefree and believe anything can happen. But the former days make me feel like suffocating. I feel as if I cannot get out of the situation; I feel I am in limbo. Does the suffocating ever stop? Will those carefree days become few and far between? I worry that I will be suffocating for awhile. It’s the end of the suffocation that I look forward to. And I know that day is imminent; I have faith. I must be patient.