I got to thinking about being snubbed. I was snubbed recently. A girl I grew up with, one of the meanest girls I’ve ever known, didn’t acknowledge my presence on her special day. Let’s be clear: I was invited to this celebration by her mother, but it would’ve been nice to be acknowledged, to say thank you for attending. She also snubbed my parents. While I was rather certain this would happen, I wanted her to prove me wrong. I wanted her to show that she isn’t the meanest girl I know anymore. But she didn’t. And I cannot say I am surprised. Very disappointing. End of rant.

Travel the world

I got to thinking about traveling. I haven’t had the wonderful opportunity that of my peers to travel the world. I haven’t been to Europe or Asia or Australia. I haven’t seen the world outside of the United States and Canada. While my travels to these places have left nothing but fondness in my heart, I yearn to see more. I yearn to see the world. I don’t know how non-Westerners live; I would love to find out.


I got to thinking about trust. How do you know who to trust? Who is reliable? Who will be there for you no matter what? Do you follow your heart? Your head? Is your intuition always right? I think that trust shouldn’t be based on logic; trust shouldn’t be based on past events. Trust is about the now. And that certainly means you must trust your heart. You already know who to trust.

One thing

I got to thinking about being one thing. Are we defined by one thing? Is there an element to our personalities, our lives, that make us who we are? Or is there so much more to people than one thing? I’d like to believe that I am not just defined by the things I am good at: writing, being a human GPS and calendar. But somehow, we all get pigeon-holed in that one thing that makes us special. And sometimes that’s okay. This is where we thrive; this is where we belong. But I find it challenging and hopeful to not define myself, or anyone else, by one thing. We are so much more than that. We have stories to tell. And these stories are not simply about one thing.