When will it be Right?

I got to thinking about knowing when things are right. When do you know if you’re ready for something? Is it merely that feeling in your gut that tells you to go on? Or is it something more? I whole-heartedly believe in female intuition; we know when things aren’t right, like when our gut tells us not to get on the elevator with the strange man. But that’s the problem. Can we know when things are right? And why is this such a dilemma?


There are some things that I have jumped into without much thought. I didn’t bother to think if it was right or not. But there are other things that require more deliberation. And I honestly don’t believe we’ll ever know if things will be right. But I believe that trusting your intuition will get you to where you want to be. Things may never be perfect, and that’s certainly okay. We must understand that taking a chance can be more rewarding than sitting back. Things will always fall into place.