Loyalty is One Shade

I got to thinking today about loyalty. There are times when I think most of us don’t possess it. And that’s the worst, to think that your close friends won’t stand up for you. Or that your close friends won’t really be there when you need it. They say they will, but when the time comes, they’re nowhere to be found. I’d hope that my friends wouldn’t let me down. I’d hope that my friends wouldn’t make me feel so hurt. But it happens. And that lack of loyalty will only make me stronger, even if the initial sting is sharply painful.


But I’m certainly not saying all of my friends have been that way. I have some fiercely loyal friends who will fight for us until the end. And for them, I am ever grateful. They are the people I can call about anything. They’ll always be on my side. I would do anything for these friends, and it’s nice to know that they have my back. And they know who they are. And for that, I will always remain loyal to them. Because what’s friendship without loyalty?