Support is a two-way street

I got to thinking about support, support for those around us. It’s imperative to support those we love, to help them and encourage them in arduous and exciting processes all the same. But in my experience, support doesn’t always seem to go both ways. I am one of those people who truly believes that one should be treated the way they treat others. Thus, if you don’t treat me right, chances are I won’t treat you right (at least to an extent). Sure, this might seem petty, but it’s really about respect at the end of the day. Don’t you think you deserve respect? YOU DO! If you can’t or won’t support me, why should I support you? Support is a two-way street. You must treat people like you want to be treated.

Yes, this was a rant about personal experience. But sometimes, you know, writing is the only way to get the message out! Thanks for listening. End of rant.