For I am a Knight

“My heart fills with sadness as I leave my chosen lady behind.

She is the spiritual love of my life and the picture that takes me home.

I wear her colors, green and maroon, around my neck for honor.

I know she is proud of who I am and who I will be.

I see her face every time I am at a loss.

I see that she does not want me to miss her toss.

Even though miles lay between us, in our hearts, we are closer than can be.

She knows I have to fight.

She knows we have our rights.

I know she remembers me most at night.

But what is wrong with this year of 758?

The strongest castles fall and are besieged.

Our ladies weave and worry for our homecoming.

Why can’t we have peace?

Why doesn’t anyone have faith in peace?

My lady has faith in peace in years to come.

I have faith in peace in years to come.

Why do I exert this proud allegiance for my country?

For I know harmony will come soon.

For I am a knight.”