Saving money

I got to thinking about saving money. Every time I step into a mall (which is sparingly, since shopping isn’t necessarily my favorite thing, nor do I like the claustrophobia of malls), I wonder how much those around me are spending. Then I wonder, how much are these people saving? Whenever I drive through Malibu or on the infamous Mulholland Drive, I find myself wondering where these people got their money. Does anyone save in this day and age? Or has our culture become a spendthrift nation?


I consider myself to be cheap. In fact, I have anxiety spending money on anything other than groceries. Well, excluding Whole Foods; that’s really a luxury. I consider the price of everything. Is a new cardigan really necessary? How can I save money on tissues? Do I have to eat more than yogurt for lunch? Money worries me. I worry I won’t have enough; I worry I won’t be able to experience the world for a lack of funds. I haven’t figured this one out yet, unfortunately. Have you?