Making Plans

I got to thinking about plans. There are those of us who plan everything in advance, from our meal on Thursday night to our vacation in Bora Bora for Christmas. Then, there are those of us who don’t plan past 5 o’clock. I will attest to being the former. I love plans. I like to know what I’m doing the next day or the next week. This isn’t because I need total control; well, maybe a little bit. But I enjoy having plans because then I have something to look forward to.


One of my new favorite things is to sit outside at my local Starbucks and simply read and read until my heart is content. I make a plan for this two or three times per week. And I look forward to it. There’s nothing wrong with setting a plan occasionally. When we do, we’ll realize the finer things in life. That’s really what life is about, right?

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