Oh, High School

I got to thinking about high school. It’s an interesting topic, to say the least. I read once, before I entered those grueling four years, that high school was supposed to be the most fun four years of one’s life. That certainly was not the case for me. If those were the best years of my life, then I really was going to have a bad life. But high school doesn’t have to be perfect. My high school experience was awful. I hated every day of it after sophomore year. Girls were mean and guys were immature. I had three really great friends throughout high school. They’re three amazing girls who I still keep in contact with and will continue to forever. They helped me endure high school, giving me some great memories, pushing aside those horrific ones, along the way.

But now high school is ancient history! It doesn’t matter once you hit your twenties whether you were the quarterback, the cheerleader, or the biggest nerd in school. Life is NOT about who you were in high school. That would be pretty boring, anyway.

So this is what I propose. If you’re still in high school and it’s just as awful for you, take it in strides. It’ll be over before you know it. You don’t have to let people get to you. Chances are, you’ll do more with your life as an outcast. If you’re out of high school, remember that it doesn’t define you. If people were awful to you, always remember to not be like that to the new people in your life. High school, to put it plainly, is necessary and stupid. So don’t let it get to you. It sucks. But it’s only four years.

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