Doing things differently

I got to thinking about what I do differently than others. It’s a lot. I tend to gravitate toward “being different” and fighting against being a lemming. Sure, I am conventional in a lot of aspects, but I like to be different and forge my own path. For instance, I decided to have a childfree wedding. This isn’t revolutionary. This isn’t something that won’t be done again and again and again. Lots of weddings exclude children, for a multitude of reasons.

But for some reason, this was controversial to some. Even though it was our day, our choice, it was controversial and we were verbally abused and harassed by a select few (I will note that most people were very supportive, and that was so kind). It ruined many aspects of the engagement and wedding. But we still held our ground, as it was our celebration. And you know what? It was still the right decision. Even though some people hurt us, and those people have no place in our lives, it was the right decision. Sometimes standing up to others is being different; we’ve all done that. I think the lesson here is to make childfree weddings, celebrations, life choices, and whatever else more friendly and accessible. Sure, it’s different. But it’s not new. It’s not unconventional. It’s just different. And my hope is that more people in this world accept those differences in the future.

What things do you do differently?