Social Decorum

I got to thinking about social decorum. This baffles me. I find it to be nothing short of fakeness and trying to prove a point. But those around me seem to disagree. So am I the wrong who needs to reassess? While I’d hate to find myself wrong, maybe social decorum is something I need to work on. If someone invites you to something, you have to invite them back. And right away. There are rules for acting essentially “socially responsible.” You have to be nice to those around you, even if you’d rather fling food in their hair. That’s probably a dramatic reaction, but maybe I am just dramatic? Anyway… I’ve learned recently that I can’t be honest at all times. I have to invite those who invite me. It’s social decorum. While it’s annoying (and I still find it to be fake), I must do it to retain relationships. If you’re like me, just do the social decorum thing. Be the person your dog thinks you are. That’s all.