Original Myth

This is a Greek god myth I created!



Poseidon, god of the sea, loved adding to his kingdom. He was very powerful but also greedy, quarrelsome, and aggressive. One day, out of the blue, Poseidon decided he needed a queen to help him rule. Zeus, god of the sky, introduced his brother to several candidates qualified for marriage. Poseidon didn’t like any of the women, mortals and immortals, Zeus brought forced on him. Finally Zeus gave up and let Poseidon decide for himself, which was not a very good idea.

Nami, a mortal living in Athens, got Poseidon’s attention. She was an excellent weaver and great warrior, two qualities Poseidon loved in a woman. After watching Nami for months, Poseidon came to the conclusion that he wanted her as his bride.


When arriving in Athens, Poseidon disguised himself as Nami’s father and entered her home. Nami was completely fooled and had no idea a powerful and envious god was in her home. Poseidon thought it would be wise not to tell Nami who he was, and just ask her questions about what she thought about the god of the sea. Much to his surprise, Poseidon discovered that Nami thought the Greek god stories were a sham. Nami said she didn’t believe any of the stories she had heard her whole life about the gods. This enraged Poseidon.


After hearing this, Poseidon took off his disguise and told Nami he was Poseidon and she was in deep trouble. Nami begged Poseidon not to hurt her, and after careful thinking, Poseidon agreed to her request and left for his home in the sea.


Exactly twelve days after his visit with Nami, Poseidon found a way to get her to be his queen. Wittingly, Poseidon caused a huge storm under the water that caused tremendous tidal waves over the Earth, what we know as a tsunami. The largest tidal wave hit near Athens and swept away three-fourths of the population, including Nami. Poseidon brought Nami down to his kingdom and made her his queen. Today, Nami and Poseidon cause tidal waves together, and make a tsunami.