Losing a friend

I got to thinking about disappointment, about loss. Something terrible happened recently. I lost a friend. This was someone I thought of as a sister.

We lived far away, but always managed to pick up right from where we left off every time I went back to her home state. (She never visited me. Maybe that was a sign in itself.) We’d drink wine coolers behind trees as kids, talk about our relationships, and made up silly swim routines to perform for the family. I will truly miss this person. She was an amazing part of my life. But I’ve recently become disappointed by her. I’ll leave it vague: she promised something and denied it, without bothering to tell me first. I had to have the balls to pick up the phone and initiate confrontation. I wasn’t like a sister to her.¬†She told me that she never saw me this way. This was like having needles stabbed into my heart. There’s nothing that can make this pain better. I’m so hurt, and I hope that it soon subsides. Losing a friend is like losing a piece of your soul. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy.