The homesick

I got to thinking about homesickness. There’s nothing more pain-inducing than homesickness. It’s worse than an awful sore throat or the worst migraine imaginable. But the most horrific thing about homesickness: it cannot fully be cured. The only way to cure homesickness is to travel home. Throughout my four years in college, I have found myself to be homesick many times. It’s a feeling that makes the head throb and puts unwanted butterflies in the stomach. It makes you cry, and it makes you believe that nothing will make it better.


What I’ve come to discover is that homesickness won’t ever grow easier, but it can be subsided with positive energy. I find this positive energy when I write, when I see certain friends, and when I watch my favorite television shows. We all have our cures. It’s just about finding what the best cure is for your own homesickness.