I’m only human

I got to thinking about forgiveness. Again. I think about this a lot. Maybe because it’s so difficult for me to forgive. And you know what? I’m only human. Why is it so much easier for us to forgive a stranger than someone we love? Why do we accept apologies from that moron who hit our car, but not from our friends and family?


I believe this: it’s much easier to push away someone you’ve gotten close to, someone you shared your soul with, someone who may know your deepest, darkest secrets. We push away those we love because we’re vulnerable. We don’t want to feel this vulnerability. But I’ve learned that we must forgive these people. These are the people who love us, who seek our forgiveness. That must mean something. So do this: if someone you love breaks your heart, trust, or something tangible that cannot be replaced, learn to forgive. It’s much easier than being bitter. It’s much more gratifying than holding a grudge. And at the end of the day, if you have forgiven someone, you have done something spectacular. Keep those who love you close. Forgive.

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