I got to thinking about consideration. What does it take to be considerate? How do we know if we’re being considerate? At what point do we put the needs of others above our own? I find consideration to be a simple matter of understanding. When someone asks you not to do something that annoys them, you don’t do it anymore. But why is this not such a simple concept to most people? Where do we learn to be considerate? Is this innate? Or this consideration something we learn from our parents?


However we learn the basic principles of consideration, we must remember that it isn’t all about us. That would be much easier, but it wouldn’t be a learning process. We cannot always put our needs first. When practicing consideration, remember that someone else may need something greater than you; remember to be understanding. After all, understanding is all consideration really takes. Well, that, and an awareness of other people.  If you’re considerate, the favor will be returned.

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