Italian Proverb – Good to Trust?

I got to thinking about this Italian Proverb I read in an article. It goes, “It’s good to trust. It’s better to not.”

What do you think about that? Feel anything when you read it? Does it make you wince? Does it make you feel bad for the person who wrote it? Or do you agree? Do you feel seen? Or maybe, a mixture of both?

I think it’s true. And pessimistic. I think that things can be messy and ugly and true, all at once. I think that trusting takes a lot of strength. And I think that we should trust… when it feels right. We should give people and things a chance, but we can also remain on alert. We can also know that we can pull back at any moment. Or we can move forward with ease and willingness.

The point is, trust is up to us. You decide. You trust, or not.