Be You/Be Mostly You

I got to thinking about being yourself… being you. It’s important to express yourself wholly and always be who you are.


Sometimes I don’t think that’s true. Sometimes I think we have to hide ourselves under a fa├žade. Maybe this is at work, or with people we don’t know. Maybe it’s just to be friendly and get to the point. Maybe we don’t always have to 100% be ourselves 24/7. It can be exhausting to express ourselves fully all the time. Sometimes we just don’t want to get into an argument. Sometimes we don’t want to show who we are exactly for fear of rejection. It feels impossible to always be ourselves. We just have to be mostly ‘us’ and not worry about being who we are at every moment. Or so I’ve noticed as a working professional trying to make new friends in this world.

So be you. Or be mostly you. See how it goes. See if you’re happier or not. See if you’re friendlier. Just see what happens. And love yourself, no matter how it goes.