Writing a Children’s Book During COVID — Update

I wanted to update you all: I am writing a children’s book! Well, I haven’t started writing yet. I did a detailed outline. I have my characters, themes, and premise. But I’m excited! I finally started writing during COVID. I’ve been struggling with writing because everything in the world around me frustrates me. Usually, that is good ammunition to write. But not this time. It’s been tough. I know it’s been tough for most of us. Are you struggling, too?

However, the fact that I have a solid outline makes me proud. Everything around me is such an utter distraction that I didn’t think I’d accomplish this, but I did. Sure, I need to start writing the book itself. That’s the next step. And I’m not there yet. But I think we should all applaud ourselves for starting something during such unpredictable and scary times. Nothing is easy, including writing. We just need to remember that putting something down is always a good start!

What is everything else writing?