How to be cool

“One person to think you’re cool and you’re in. The others will be too scared to question it.” – Never Been Kissed

I got to thinking about this quote. I hear it a lot in my head. And it’s true. Have you noticed? It only takes one person to think that someone (or something) is great and it’s a hit; it’s cool. You just need to find that someone who thinks you’re worthy of this elusive thing called “cool.”

Thus, I got to thinking more about my writing. It only takes that one person who can launch it into a success. But how do you find that? Is it through knowing the right people? Doing the right marketing? Having the right platform? Or is it time and place… pure luck? Can my writing be “cool” just based on luck? Can luck lead me to the endorser who will solicit my book to their followers? How can I seek out this “cool” factor? Will I ever get it? Please tell me yes. It is my hope and my dream. And for once in my life, I’d like someone to think I’m cool. Maybe then, I can actually tell you “how to be cool.” 😉