Happy for their success

I got to thinking about being happy for others’ success. I don’t want you think I am a green monster, full of envy and anger. I am not. But sometimes, watching over people succeed is tough. It makes us examine what we’re missing; I certainly do plenty of this. I always ask myself: When will I have that success? Will I ever? Am I just not good enough? Am I not lucky enough? Talented enough? What’s wrong with me?

I hate going down this road. I utterly hate it. Green is not my color. But sometimes, I need to feel envious for a minute; sometimes it makes me push myself. And when I can overcome those ugly minutes or sometimes hours, I can be happy for others and their success. It’s a good thing, and I know it. There is space for all of us to be successful. We just have to find it.

How do you deal with envy? Does it take over? Do you find yourself being happy automatically?