What matters?

I got to thinking about what matters in life. Does fighting for what you believe in matter? Does fighting for others matter? Does your college degree matter? Does your job matter as long as you make money? Does anything matter at all? Are we just here for a small amount of time and we can’t control much?

I recently had someone tell me that things don’t matter. It just matters that you do the things that you love. You can’t save the world, so don’t try. Just be happy where you are and with what you’re doing. Do you think that’s true? I have a hard time believing that we can’t do something to fight for the world, fight for others. For instance, I’m vegan for the animals, for my diet, and for the environment. I try to reduce as much as possible. For the things I can’t, I recycle. Am I helping? Or does it not matter? Is the world too far into climate change? I am hopeful that it is not. I am hopeful that we can all do things that can save each other and the world. I think it matters. And it makes me happy. And didn’t this person tell me that’s what matters?

Do what you can. Fight for what’s right. And hopefully that brings you happiness too. That’s what I’m doing.