Happy New Year!

I got to thinking about New Years. While my title might sound elated and confident, I tend to veer on the negative side at New Years. The holidays are over and stupid, cold January has begun. It’s the middle of winter. Why are we all so excited?

Yes, this might be pessimistic. So what? That’s how I feel. I feel I sense of unhappiness and darkness come January 1st. It is my least favorite day of the year. But then January 2nd comes. And January 3rd. And pretty soon, we’re into February, then March. And the darkness fades. That’s what I remember on January 1st. The darkness isn’t lasting. There is light–literal and figurative–at the end of the tunnel. And you know what? I think that makes me pretty damn optimistic. It’s all about how you get out of the darkness. Know that.

So Happy New Year! I can’t wait until Spring.