Simple Decisions… Right?

I got to thinking about simple decisions… rather, what I think are simple decisions, but apparently aren’t simple for all of us. I was recently eavesdropping on an incredibly loud conversation that was disturbing was supposed-to-be-peaceful lunch hour. These two women were talking about making decisions. This led one of them to say: “I haven’t decorated my house yet because I can’t decide what I like. And I’ve lived there three years!”

What?! How can you not make a decision in three years?!

Honestly, though, I cannot understand this. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a decision-maker, a rapid decision-maker. I don’t hesitate and know what I like and what I don’t like. That’s just me. So it truly baffles me to hear that someone hasn’t decorated their house in three years. How can you not decide what you like? Is making decisions quickly and knowing what you like innate? Is this about knowing yourself? Or is this just another example of pure avoidance? I really am not quite sure.

All I know… they gave me good fodder for my blog. But also disturbed my lunch. But maybe the former makes up for the latter. 🙂

On Writing as a Career

I got to thinking about writing as a career. Of course, as you know, this is my dream. I want to make a living as a full-time writer. And I know that I will. I just have to be patient and continue to work my butt off. So this leads me to a thought about advice on making writing a career.

Before I started at Loyola Marymount University, I was told by a current screenwriting major that the major is wonderful, but if I could be happy doing anything else, do that instead. She basically told me to not be a writer if I could help it. And, naturally, I could not. But I was flabbergasted by her negativity. My parents called it realism, but as a dreamer, I found the statement negative and just completely discouraging. Why can’t writers offer encouragement in the path they’re seeking, too? Why do writers put other writers down? Is it a competition thing? Is it fear? Or is it realism? Are writers just naturally negative people?

I don’t really care what other writers, or other people, have said. I could be somewhat happy doing something else, but why would I? I want and love writing more than anything. And that counts for more than semi-poverty. I plan to make writing my career with my utmost being and hard work. I will not let others get in the way. And I will show that hard work and dedication is what will make you a success to other writers. I will offer encouragement. We could all use a little bit of encouragement, right? That’s what I would’ve wanted. And that’s what I’ll give.