Stress and the City

I got to thinking about stress. I’m one of those people who gets stressed out at the drop of a hat. It takes very little to get me worried and anxiety-ridden. And this is a problem. But how to solve it without going to Xanax? Some days, I take a deep breath. Some days, I watch a little television and write. But there are the days that I want to scream. I scream inside, hoping that no one will see right through me. And maybe that solves it for a little while, but I’d like to believe there’s a greater answer to stress in this every-changing world. And if I’m really lucky, I’ll figure it out before my inevitable ulcer.

What’s Hard vs. What’s Exciting

I got to thinking about what’s hard versus what’s exciting. Are they one of the same? Are the challenging things in life the most exciting? Should we accept the challenge, just to have some excitement in our lives’? Or can we find excitement without the challenge? There are some who can follow the easy path, with a little excitement here and there. And then there are some who have to have the utmost excitement, even if they don’t find it for years, and are willing to take the most difficult path to get it. I am the latter. What are you?

What’s the Point?

I got to thinking about the point of life. What’s the point of life? To procreate? To find ourselves and make those around us remember our names? To be charitable? I have never fully understand what the point of life is. I would like to say that it’s about love… to find that other person that fully makes you feel whole, to live a life for another. Otherwise, what’s one to do? So I hope you find your soul mate, your perfect other half. There is someone out there for everyone. And we all deserve it. We all deserve to discover the point of life.