Forget vs. Forgive

I got to thinking about forgetting versus forgiving. I know there’s a difference. But there’s a fine line between the two. Something happened to me recently that got me evaluating how to proceed. Should I forgive? Do I have the strength? Or should I merely forget? How can we decide the difference? Do we decide? Or do we let time do the dirty work? I don’t fully know how I’ll proceed with my dilemma, but I know that it won’t be forgotten soon. I’ve been hurt drastically and am slowly picking up the pieces. Maybe someday I’ll find it in my heart to forgive. God would want that. But what do I want?

Losing a friend

I got to thinking about disappointment, about loss. Something terrible happened recently. I lost a friend. This was someone I thought of as a sister.

We lived far away, but always managed to pick up right from where we left off every time I went back to her home state. (She never visited me. Maybe that was a sign in itself.) We’d drink wine coolers behind trees as kids, talk about our relationships, and made up silly swim routines to perform for the family. I will truly miss this person. She was an amazing part of my life. But I’ve recently become disappointed by her. I’ll leave it vague: she promised something and denied it, without bothering to tell me first. I had to have the balls to pick up the phone and initiate confrontation. I wasn’t like a sister to her. She told me that she never saw me this way. This was like having needles stabbed into my heart. There’s nothing that can make this pain better. I’m so hurt, and I hope that it soon subsides. Losing a friend is like losing a piece of your soul. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy.


The world is a….

I got to thinking about the emotion of life. Life is downright emotional. Life is unexpected, complicated, and jarring. When do we get a break from it all? Do we ever get a break? If the Earth sold a baseball cap, I wouldn’t buy it. I’m not a fan. There’s too much disaster and hurt and sorrow to love the world. But I am a fan of the little things in life. There’s vacations, Starbucks, making your dreams come true, whatever it is that makes your heart flutter. I am a fan of that. And you should be, too. While we don’t have to love the world, we must love ourselves. We must love the little things. The world is a dangerous place. But also a place to become whomever we’ve wanted to become. So don’t buy the baseball cap. Make your own baseball cap.

Je T’aime Paris

I was lucky enough to make it to Europe for the first time this Spring. I fell in love with Paris. It’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. I felt like I was walking onto a movie set with every step. The buildings are old and glamorous. Besides the business district (to which I did not venture, but could see from the Eiffel Tower), Paris does not have too many new buildings. And that is lovely. Who likes new, anyway? I’ve always been a fan of old world charm. Let me offer some Paris tips:

Eiffel Tower: CANNOT miss. For obvious reasons. But also because it’s truly a work of art. We decided to forgo the long elevator line and walk up to the second floor, saving a few Euros each, too. 669 steps! It was exhausting. But worth it. We could savor the views at every step. There’s a break at the first floor, complete with bathrooms! Unfortunately, you cannot walk all the way to the summit. Once at the second floor, you must wait in a line for the summit. This was a 45-minute wait. And supposedly, that wasn’t too long. We chose to enjoy the beautiful view from the second floor instead. Make the walking journey. It’s spectacular, plus shorter lines. Doesn’t everyone like a shorter line? And a discount? Use those muscles and walk up the Eiffel Tower. Below, there’s a picture of our feet, looking down at the ground from the first floor!

Palace of Versailles: I want to move into Versailles. It’s breathtaking. The old world glamour mixed with gorgeous antiques is something that everyone should see, whether you like old or not. The grounds are groomed perfectly and offer tram tours. This is an extra expense. Even though it was raining that day, we chose to walk the grounds. This way, you get to see everything. TIP: Make sure to follow the yellow signs to the left of the entrance before standing in the long line to get in. You must have a ticket at the entrance. You don’t want to stand in that line again! Get there early. Fifteen minutes, minimum, before it opens. There will be lots of tourist groups pushing and shoving, but that’s because they want to see all the beauty that Versailles offers. Push back!

The Louvre: The most iconic museum in the world. The Louvre lived up to its standards. The Mona Lisa, while not the most beautiful painting in the museum, is a must-see. It’s not as small as everyone says, though. When you’re at the Mona Lisa, turn around. The painting behind it is large and unbelievable. The colors are vivid. I’d say that was one of my favorites. Do not miss The Sphinx or Venus de Milo. But venture off. There’s so much to see. You have to see the popular things, of course, but there is much more. My favorite off-the-beaten track sight was the Napoleon III state apartments. It felt a little bit like Versailles. Old world charm and intricacies that just aren’t around anymore. Go anytime. It’s always crowded!

Champs-Élysées: A walkway of divine shopping. There’s a price point for everyone. Make sure to stop at Ladurée for the best macaron you’ll ever eat.

Arc de Triomphe: At the end of the Champs-Élysées (or the beginning, depending on where you start) is the iconic Arc de Triomphe. I don’t think it’s necessary to climb to the top, but I’d take lots of pictures of it. It’s unassuming, but beautiful. It’s the perfect way to begin/end a street. The U.S. should follow suit.

Notre Dame: Quite possibly my favorite place is Paris. It’s a beautiful chapel (no photos inside) with great details. The gargoyles are are an interesting sight! There’s nothing else like that. Pay the extra Euros here and walk up to the top! 327 steps. It’s worth it to see the gargoyles up close. It was a long and windy wait for us, but we just escaped the rain!

River Seine Dinner Cruise: We loved our dinner cruise on the River Seine. It began just before sunset and we ventured down the Seine toward the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the lights show. Spectacular! You must do a dinner cruise on the River Seine. Read reviews. Not all are created equal.