I got to thinking about animals. I’ve always been fond of animals; the zoo was a second-rate Disneyland for me as a child. Let’s be real: it still is. Unfortunately, the only animals I’ve called pets are fish and mice, neither of whom I’ve been enthralled about. But my love of animals has ingrained a deep protection for animals, especially those who are killed to be eat. This is why I’ve always considered being a vegetarian, maybe even a vegan. I haven’t quite made it there yet, given that my love for steak and hamburgers is like the moth to the flame, but I find myself becoming more and more repulsed by animal products, at least once I think about what I’m eating. It may not become a reality in the near future, but I think that cutting back on animal products will serve me well. At least, it makes me feel better.

How do you feel about love?

I got to thinking about love. “Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” Oscar Wilde said that. I like this because it’s how I’ve always felt about love. I always told myself never to settle, never to tell myself that “this” is enough. Because it isn’t. Ever. How do you feel about love? Do you think that you should live the life of a princess or prince? ¬†You should. And if that isn’t where you are, find it. Trust me, you’ll regret settling for anything and anyone less.