Happiness is…

I got to thinking about happiness. Happiness is… writing with the utmost openness and honesty… finding someone who loves the same people as you… finding someone who hates the same people as you… listening to Snow Patrol… not the work out, but the endorphins… the smell of Coco Mademoiselle… watching Law and Order: SVU… the scent of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee… dancing in the moonlight… freshly painted nails… peppermint hot chocolate on cold nights… electric blankets on cold nights… inspirational quotes… York peppermint patties… cucumber water… apples smothered with cinnamon… Bob and Willie… finding someone who loves you for all your weirdness…

Joy not far from here

I got to thinking about depression. This is something not talked about enough. And that’s a shame, for everyone goes through it, whether diagnosed or not. We shouldn’t be ashamed of being sad. There are times that seem impossible to get through. We fall behind, we fall out of luck. But we must know that we can get through it. For it, too, shall pass. This is what we must always remember, in the eloquent words of Gary Lightbody: “There’s joy not far from here. I know there is.” When depression strikes, remember that there’s always something waiting for us around the bend. There is always something else out there for us. We must pick up the pieces and follow along the path that’s offered. And we must always, above anything else, believe in that.

Changing together

I got to thinking about changing relationships. We grow older, we change. We find ourselves in a new environment, we change. We find out who we are, we change. And that’s all normal. Sometimes in relationships, we change. When we’re with someone so long, we find ourselves growing and evolving. But if we are the lucky ones, we can change together, grow together. These are the relationships that last. And this is what we all should pray and hope for. It’s not about changing; it’s about changing together.


I got to thinking about agoraphobics. An agoraphobic is defined as: “a person with an irrational fear of the public or open spaces.” But don’t we all act like this at some point in our lives’? Don’t we all want to hide from someone or something? And is there anything wrong with that? Sometimes we just need distance from those things in our lives’ that are bringing us unexplainable anguish. And you know what? I actually kind of understand agoraphobics. The world is the scariest thing in the world. But I do think that life is better if you face that world most days. But taking time to ourselves is just as beneficial. Don’t be afraid of the world, but also remember that time alone is understandable.

The little things

I got to thinking about little joys. It’s Starbucks cup time! It’s the holidays! I am devoted to the holidays and everything that comes with it. The holidays are a season of giving and receiving, spending time with family, and eating cookies. What is better than that? Nothing. When the famous Starbucks holiday cups roll out every year, my anger toward the time change and progressing cold dissipates. Those cups signify the beginning of the holiday season. And I find myself most at ease during this time. There’s a sense of warmth and comfort that certainly cannot top this time of year. And I will surely savor every moment of it.


I got to thinking about wishes. It is 11/11, after all. I believe in wishing. There’s nothing more beautiful than making a wish for something better. And what’s even more beautiful: getting our wishes. I believe in writing goals down and doing anything we possibly can to make these goals come true. But this begins with proactive-ness. We cannot sit by and hope that our dreams will come true. We must practice every single day to ensure that our hopes and dreams will become reality. Like the great Walt Disney said: “if you can wish it, you can become it.” So become it.

Love thyself

I got to thinking about self-love. Can love really move mountains? Can love really make you do things you normally wouldn’t do? And if so, will you believe in that? Can you believe in that? I believe love can change anyone’s life. Love is something you have to fight for and understand before it comes your way. Everyone can receive and give love; you just have to love yourself first. And that’s no easy task. But once you figure out your hopes and dreams, you can find the strength to love yourself. And once you do, everything will fall into place. And that will be the moment that you can fall in love with someone else. Wait for this moment. It’ll happen, and you’ll never want it to end.


Everything should be Disney

I got to thinking about Disneyland. It truly is the happiest place on Earth. There’s something magical about Disneyland. I can feel the magic when I enter the park. Every time. Whenever I go to Disneyland, I feel immense joy. And I know that sounds childish and corny; but it’s most certainly not. There’s something so glorious about Disneyland: being a kid for the day, riding inventive rides, and even waiting in lines. Nowhere in the world is like Disneyland. We cannot live out our hopes and dreams as vividly as we can at Disneyland. This one is to Walt Disney, my mastermind idol, for creating such a comforting and magical place. I will always be forever grateful.