The cards

I got to thinking about the day’s cards. This expression was recently said to me. The day’s cards
are loosely related to fate. Sometimes the day’s cards hold for us something spectacular, like
winning something we hadn’t expected. But sometimes the day’s cards give us a flat tire, or bad
news about a family member. We cannot predict the day’s cards. We cannot change the cards.
But we shouldn’t fear them, either, for if we fear the day’s cards the best of us will be gone
forever. Don’t let the day’s cards, the unpredictability of life, get in the way of happiness. Fate
will lead us to where we should be, anyway.

Decide something

I got to thinking about decision. We make decisions every day, minor as well as life-changing. Sometimes, though, we would rather avoid something than make a decision. But what we don’t realize is that not making a decision is making a decision in itself. Why not control what little we can control in this life? If we choose to not make a decision, we are choosing to not intervene. But we must. It’s easy to intervene in our friends’ lives, but somehow, intervening in our own is a difficult feat. However, if we do not, we are giving away any kind of choice we have. So celebrate your choices. Make a decision.